Working as a helicopter pilot is an exciting and challenging occupation which gives you unique experiences either you fly offshore, air ambulance, VIP transport or search & rescue.

Not other aircraft can safely accomplish what a helicopter can do. This gives you as a pilot the opportunity for a multiple career. All different activities – all equally challenging. 

Today’s helicopter market is enjoying strong growth and demand for helicopter pilots will only increase in the future, both here in Norway and around the world. Helicopters are currently used in many different areas.

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The sky is not the limit

Air ambulance, Search & Rescue, transporting donor organs, offshore flying, the energy sector (line pulling, line inspections, developments, etc.), installation work, environmental management, heli-skiing, sightseeing, taxi, photography, filming – the market is endless and global!

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The domestic market in Scandinavia has grown steadily in the last few years, and future developments within the energy sector indicate there will be major projects with a big need for helicopters

The offshore industry in Norway and the UK is still a great provider of helicopter transport services, also including Search & Rescue.

New markets

China is emerging as a new market. Market analyses indicate that China alone will need more than 15,000 pilots by 2020.  The west coast of Africa, Brazil, Venezuela, the USA, Australia, Angola, Kenya, Cyprus and Russia – all these countries are experiencing higher levels of oil industry activity.

There are big differences from country to country when it comes to the number of hours you need to fly, for example, offshore. It is often the customer who sets the pilot hours requirements, not the helicopter operator.

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If you are looking for high salaries and opportunity for shift work – helicopter pilot is the right career for you! 

I stayed in the school's accomodation which is comfortable for students as you have short ways to the classrooms, the hangar and the self-briefing area, and you also get in touch with the other nice students at EHC. My course was well-structured, the instructors were professional and friendly and the helicopter fleet is well maintained. The training was challenging, but always fun and it was a good experience to fly in the Norwegian landscape (which is beautiful by the way). Back in Germany, I had no problem to get my licence with the documents from EHC. So I can honestly recommend EHC for helicopter flight training in Scandinavia.
Christine Allerding (Germany) CPL(H) modular course, november 2016.

I've always dreamed of becoming a helicopter pilot. What i love about this life, is the variety. Every day is different with a brand new view.

To be successful in this industry you have to be targeted, and willing to work hard to achieve your goals. But if you do, everything is possible!
Asbjørn Engevik (23), NORD Helikopter, Norway. (Graduated in 2015)

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IR(H) Distance learning course

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Proud member of Leading Helicopter Academies

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