Our fleet

Our fleet consists of 10 helicopters in total diveded on three different types, pluss a simulator.

EC 135 T2+ :

  • Manufacturer:  Airbus Helicopters
  • Engines: 2X Turbomeca ARRIUS 2B2
  • Seats: 8 pilot included.
  • Maximum take off weight: 2910 KG
  • Maximum speed: 155 knots

EC135 is a widely used helicopter all over the world for ambulance, search and rescue, VIP flights, police etc. Here at EHC we use the machine for instrument training for our integrated ATPL IR students and our IR(ME) students.

Robinson 44 Raven I/Raven II:

  • Manufacturer: Robinson Helicopter Company
  • Engine: Lycoming O-540-F1B5/ IO-540-AE1A5
  • Seats: 4 pilot included
  • Maximum takeoff weight: Raven I: 1089 Kg/ Raven II: 1134 Kg
  • Maximum speed: 130 knots

Robinson R44 is a widely used helicopter all over the world for sightseeing, school flights, recrational  flights, taxi etc. EHC use the R44 for school flights and all of our CPL students finish their program in this machine which makes you ready for the job marked with a highly current rating.

In the link you can fine the manual for the R44

R44 Raven I:R44 POH – Robinson Helicopter Company

R44 Raven II: r44_2_poh_full_book.pdf (robinsonheli.com)

Simulator AS355N:

In our simulator we have the seating capasity for 2 students and 1 instructor. We use our simulator for instrument training and the practical part of th