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Part time courses, typeratings and FI(H)-courses, please see other courses, or Instrument IR(H)ME

CPL (H) integrated course (commercial pilot license)

Start: February  and August every year

Duration: About 1 year (variations may occur)

Price: Updated price list 

Course information: The course provides the privilege to work as a commercial pilot for operation such as external load, sightseeing, photography, passenger transport and power line inspection, among others.

This course does not give you the privilege to fly into clouds ( fly on instruments) as offshore and air ambulance industry require. If so, then you need to add a instrument IR(H) rating to your CPL(H) license. IR(H) can be completed upon request after completing the CPL(H) course and maybe even been out working for a couple of years.

Privileges: You may act as pilot in command in commercial operations which do not require two pilots. In two pilot operations (multi crew), you can act as a co-pilot in visual conditions.( not into clouds)


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