The history


EHC has over their 27-year history, educated over 800 pilots, built a well-known brand and created a strong market position while maintaining an injury free safety record.

Former students of EHC are represented in all major helicopter companies in Scandinavia. These are our best references.

EHC has a strong relationship with all leading helicopter companies operating in Scandinavia. Many helicopter companies often visit the EHC campus and conduct recruitment and job interviews at EHC ́s facilities.


The initial founder of the company is Ole Ronald Aronsen. He first started under the brand “Norcopter”, operating out of Jarlsberg Airport, in Tønsberg. The company started its first academy flights for commercial licence training and commercial operations.

In 2008 the company moved into new facilities at Sandefjord Airport, Torp. The state of the art facility includes in addition to our main office, maintenance facilities, advanced training facilities including a FNTP II AS355 simulator, classrooms and student accommodations.

The first international student begins a CPL(H) integrated course, and EHC becomes NOKUT certified, allowing students at EHC to receive student aid. 


Today, EHC is the leading European helicopter flight academy. 

The building is an international powerhouse within the aviation training industry where three out of four tenants are Flight academies, and the fourth is avionic maintenance company.

School facility:

  • 1.386 sqm offices and classrooms.
  • 952 sqm hangar and simulator room.
  • Administration is located on sited.
  • EHC has 37 dormitory style rooms in house for it students. Students share kitchens, bathrooms and a large living room with great view over the runway.


EHC is committed to providing the highest Quality and Flight Safety standards.

It is instrumental for EHC having a “no blame policy”. This policy ensures an open culture of reporting, without consequences, both for students and employees.

In 2019, we flew over 6000 flight hours – that is on a all time high level.

The relentless focus on safety continues – Since the beginning, in 1993, EHC has produced 101.000 flight hours without serious accidents!

The overall goal is to conduct safe helicopter operations, and thereby achieve the company ultimate objective of: *NO ACCIDENTS*