Team EHC, ready to play!

The local football club FK Eik Tønsberg invited us to a friendly football tournament, and Team EHC was of course ready to play!

Some games won, some lost, ment a good second place in the group. No playoffs for us this time, but as some of the players said; “that does not matter – after so many hours on the field”.

We could all agree on that football is more exhausting than flying a helicopter.

The team lineup was with both students and instructors. Some former football players, some only in it for the fun. But either way – great effort from all the players! Dont be suprised if you see us in the next friendly tournament as well!

TEAM EHC: Brand new shirts, and ready to play!
PEPTALK! From the left: Kilian Habringer, Jarle Madtsen, Thorvald Kiersch, Tarald Halvorsen, Anton Dotti Eklund and Tobias Albjerk.

Mikael Johansen (in front), Marius Petur Lund and Simon Friedl.
Goalkeeper Anton Dotti Eklund