Welcome to Campus EHC! The place you will eat – sleep – fly – and repeat!

Where we are

Our location at Sandefjord Airport Torp, provides our students with a unique experience of flight operations of a busy airport, just 100 km south of Oslo.

Our students have access to all of our facilities and our staff at all times. You will get valuable experience being part of an operational environment. Our hangar also houses the flight operations (briefing room), classrooms, and campus.

Those who want to live in our dormitory, will be living close to students from all over Europea. They all share your passion, and dream of becoming a helicopter pilot. Social activities between students are an important factor to the student environment at EHC. New students are ”adopted” by older students, and welcoming parties are often thrown to celebrate new arrivals.

Where to live

A room in the dormitory costs from 4800-5650 NOK per month depending on the size of the rooms, and one suite for 6950 NOK (own bathroom).  All students have their own bedrooms, and they share a bathroom, kitchen and laundry room with other students. There is a table tennis room on the second floor in the building. On the 4th floor, there is a large living room, with a bar, a TV, and a seating area. Here you will have direct view to the runway. You can also follow your classmates as they do their flight training on the busy airport of Sandefjord Airport Torp. 

Just a few minutes from the school you will find a large supermarked, Mc Donalds and a petrol station. Some students bring their own car, but we also have bicycles to those who want to discover the area on their own. 

How to get here

The bus runs from the airport terminal to the center of Sandefjord and the train station. From here you are close to Tønsberg (15 minutes by train), Drammen (about 1 hour) and Oslo (about 1 1/2 hour). Vestfold is one of Norways smallest counties, so here you will live close to both the urban city life and wild nature experiences.

All our students are welcome to stay in our dormitory for shorter og longer periods. If you have questions or want to reserve a room, dont hesitate to contact us!