June 14, 2022 sees the launch of the first European network of independent helicopter academies.

The Leading Helicopter Academies of Europe (LHA) is committed to raising standards, by combining their strengths and industry knowledge.

Providing better services, training and support for governments, organisations and other helicopter companies. Offering superior instruction to both aspiring and experienced pilots. Not just developing piloting skills, but also tailoring talents to the professional needs and requirements of the helicopter market.

The LHA has a combined fleet of 150 helicopters, providing over 16,000 hours of training every year.

Offering over 80 flight instructors at 22 bases all over Europe. Which means that pilots can learn to fly in all types of terrain and weather conditions, for all kinds of roles and missions. From ab-initio to specialised operations, customised to specific requirements.

As leading players we share our knowledge and experience across national borders. Recognising each other as suppliers of quality, we offer training for all aspects of helicopter flight. It is first and foremost our students and customers who benefit from this, thanks to our joint experience, exchange and safety practices

Anette K. Haldorsen, LHA spokesperson and CEO of European Helicopter Center

The network supports the full spectrum of specialisms. Professional qualifications, across a wide range of skills, ratings and missions (IR, MCC, PBN, ME, SPO, etc.). Over 3,000 helicopter pilots have already been trained by members of the LHA.

All LHA members are EASA Approved Training Organisations (ATO), or expert providers of advanced and specialised training services.

It’s the ideal way for newly graduated pilots to launch their career, because they can use this network to find suitable openings with governments and large helicopter operators. Also, members are always looking to work with the best young talents.

The 10 founding members of the Leading Helicopter Academies are

  • European Helicopter Center (Norway)
  • Heli Austria Flight Academy
  • Helibravo (Portugal)
  • HeliCentre (Netherlands)
  • Heli-flight (Germany)
  • Helicopter Groundschool (Belgium)
  • LION Helicopters (Czech Republic)
  • Mountainflyers (Switzerland)
  • Pole-Air (France)
  • Superior Air (Greece)
LHA meetup in Amsterdam, may 2022.