GREAT NEWS! From August 2023, we are offering the CPL(H) training with ATPL VFR theory, type rating on EC135, and MCC VFR (Multi Crew Cooperation-VFR).

The ATP Integrated course paves a much shorter path if you intend to obtain an Instrument Rating (IR(H)) to fly offshore in the future.

The IR(H) theory can be conducted online after the student complete the ATP int course. This will allow you to study according to your own preferences and schedule. The ATP Integrated course offers more flexibility for our students, and most importantly – a tailored path to the certificate of your dreams!

The course involves flying the Robinson R44, FSTD simulator, and the EC135.

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If, at a later stage in your career, you wish to obtain Instrument rights to, for example, be able to apply for a job offshore, the following results: 

Requirements for IR(H) ME
Option 1:

NEW Option 2:
CPL(H) with ATPL VFR theory and MCC VFR
Theory Theory course 11 subjects + 11 new examsonline course theory (3 subjects) + 3 exams
Flying EC13518 hours in total (8 VFR + 10 IFR)10 hours IFR
Flying simulator 40 hours IFR40 hours IFR
MCC theory (multi crew cooperation)25 hours theory
MCC simulator 20 hours simulator 5 hours 
Cost 2023: 
≈ NOK 635,000
≈ NOK 374,750
Estimated time:10 months (incl. own study)3 months (including own study)