As a freshman in the helicopter business, you probably have a lot of questions. How, and where will you get your first job? Where yo apply? Whom to talk to?

In Norway, as in every other country, there is a lot of domestic and offshore companies. They all have their own demands and wishes for their new pilots.

How to get the first job

Fonnafly is one of Norways many helicopter companies. Their base contains a total of six different machine types, and they fly all kind of transport and operational work, such as sling load operations, photo, taxi, line inspections, sightseeing and so on.

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Manager Flight Operation, Stian Solberg, is a former EHC employee for 13 years. Stian Solberg has hired several EHC-students in the last seasons. Here is his best tips to the newly graduated students, on how to get the first job in the helicopter industry:

When we hire young and newly graduated pilots, we give them training, and we pay close attention to their development in the company. Throughout the trial period, we get to know each one of them both as persons and as pilots. It is important that the candidates knows what we expect from them on a daily basis.

When we recruit new pilots, we are looking for the students who;

1. Knows the laws and regulations, and shows a individual ability to think and improve their aviation safety.
2. Are independent, and take responsibility, both in the air, on the ground, and also in the hangar and public areas.
3. Are social, and a good colleague and communicator.
4. Are willing to learn something new!
5. Are able to cope with stress and change
6. Gets the job done both safe and effective!

Stian Solberg (Manager Flight Operations) Fonnafly.

Do you have more questions about our helicopter flight academy, or the life as a helicopter pilot? Do not hesitate to contact one of our staff !