PBN – Performance Based Navigation

European Helicopter Center (EHC) is certified to conduct PBN – Performance Based Navigation training.

You will become PBN qualified according to EASA regulation 2016/539. This will be mandatory – and in effect for all IR holders at the latest 25th of August 2020.

Course description:

The aim of the PBN course is to train PBN/RNAV/GNSS for:

  • Instrument rated pilots IR(H) wishing to fly RNAV, PBN, GNSS.
  • Flight instructors; FI(H)IR, IRI(H), SFI(H), STI(H) and Examiners who needs PBN instruction privileges.
  • Add-on for instrument student/trainees without PBN.

After course completion, you will receive PBN documentation and course completion certificate. With the PBN course completion certificate, you can now conduct the IR(H) PC or skilltest, which includes the PBN (RNP) approaches.

This will be registered by the examiner, and PC/skilltest forms will be sent to the authorities.

Pilots with EC135 T2+ rating and holder of IR(H)ME can conduct the PC check at EHC, and become fully qualified. 


The PBN course is developed by EHC, and provides a theoretical part, conducted in classroom, CBT(computer based training) and simulator sessions (FNPTII):

  • Classroom: 5:30 hours
  • CBT: 5 hours (self study)
  • Simulator: 4 hours (2 sessions)

For more information about the course and cost, please contact

Peter Blom – Head of Training
peter@ehc.no+47 916 12 276

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