Are you dreaming of becoming a helicopter pilot? From August 2020, we have exiting news for all our future students.

EHC has, from the beginning of 1990s, operated Robinson R22s for flight training. The Robinson R22 is a well-known helicopter worldwide, mainly used for flight training. But since the R22 is a small helicopter, it has some limitations regarding flight time and endurance.

Robinson R44

To make sure that we offer our students the best and most effective training available, we will now expand our helicopter fleet with a bigger helicopter, Robinson R44.

The R44 is the “big brother” to R22, with four seats and more power and endurance.

EHC has operated this machine for several years, and we already have the R44 in our existing fleet. Until now, the R44 have been used only in certain lessons during the flying program. But from august 2020, this will be the main machine used for flight training.

Our R22 helicopters will be sold as soon as they have flown out.

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The R44 is a popular helicopter worldwide, used for flight training, sightseeing, taxi and simple commercial tasks. To our students, this means useful experience on a relevant helicopter, that might be your future office.

We are happy to offer our students better and more relevant training, and we are looking forward to welcome the first class to fly the R44 during the program.

Why we chose the R44:

  • Stable helicopter, easy to learn on
  • Greater versatility when determining fuel versus passenger weights.
  • Up to 3 passengers.
  • Faster helicopter – 130 knots.
  • Greater range – full tanks will get you about 2 hours 20 minutes flight time plus reserve fuel.
  • Higher Blade inertia gives slower RPM decay in the (incredibly rare) event of an engine failure, leaving more time to respond as a pilot.
  • Hydraulic assist on controls make flying more relaxing.
  • Possibility to fly to remote locations for more intense training with up to three students per helicopter.
  • Less time on ground between flight lessons, due to fuel carriage.
  • Less weight restriction on students / Instructor
  • Less time consumption for booking and scheduling ( match the students weight vs instructor)
Robinson R44